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Geophysical Laboratory

Exploration Geophysical Unit (EGU)

The EGU is staffed by experienced professionals who routinely perform magnetic mapping, resistivity, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), seismic reflection and electromagnetic surveys. They utilize state-of-the-art equipment that guarantee reliable subsurface information and working with latest software facilities, are able to produce peer-acceptable accurate an interpretation.

Projects conducted to-date comprise, mapping of noteworthy vein quartz occurrences, assessing subsurface conditions for large irrigation schemes and facilitating to locate buried military ordnance of former military engagement areas, are specific work that the Unit is presently engaged. In addition, mapping of possible extension of the Eppawala phosphate deposit, assessment of Buttala iron-ore occurrences, structural characterization of magnesite and associated marble deposits at Wellawaya-Randeniya and sedimentary limestone deposit at Aruakkalu off Puttalam are few surveys that the Unit has completed. In the research front, magnetic mapping of dolerite dykes and delineating of possible sources for thermal-springs are on-going projects, which the Unit may opt for external collaboration.

The completion of air-borne magnetic survey along with Electromagnetic surveys for graphite in selected areas and participation thereof in the proposed country-wide multi-platform air-borne geophysical survey are future plans of the EGU.

The Geophysical Laboratory is equipped with instruments for conducting Resistivity including resistivity imaging, Electro Magnetic (EM), Magnetic, Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) and Differential GPS Surveys for mineral exploration, geological mapping and engineering geological investigation. The laboratory upgrading is in progress and it will be provided with a Refraction Seismograph and other relevant equipment.

Resistivity surveys at Randeniya vein quartz deposit and Wellawaya and Aruwakkalu limestone deposit off Puttalam are a few examples of main geophysical surveys conducted recently. It has been planned to conduct high resolution airborne magnetic and gamma ray spectrometer an EM survey with foreign technical assistance. The conducting of an integrated airborne survey would unravel valuable geoscientific information on the geology of the country and hidden mineral resources hither to unknown. Since the last few years the geophysical unit explores possibilities of application of geophysical techniques at archaeological sites etc… as the capacity of the Unit have been strengthened by acquiring Resistivity Imaging and Ground Penetration Radar System

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