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Historical background

Our past records reveal that the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB) is the successor to three geo-scientific departments spanning ninety years. The first was the Mineral Survey of Ceylon (MSC) established in 1903 on the recommendations of Professor W.R. Dunston, the Director of the Imperial Institute,London, with Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy (AKC) as if first Principal Mineral Surveyor (PMS).The MSC had its object to examine the country's mineral occurrences and possibilities of developing its economic minerals.

Somewhere between 1910 and 1922, the MSC had changed its name to Department of the Government Mineralogist (DGM), that became commonly known as Department of Mineralogy, and lastly in 1962 renamed as Geological Survey Department (GSD) until 1993 when it was abolished to establish the GSMB. From 1903 the three Departments, MSC, DGM and DGS were headed by fourteen Directors.

The aforesaid three departments pioneered in discovering and documenting data of Sri Lanka’s mineral resources, to which all currently operating mineral-based industries owe their existence.

On 18th March 1993, the GSMB was established as a body corporate by an Act of Parliament, the Mines and Minerals Act, No. 33 of 1992 as amended by Mines and Minerals (Amendment) Act, No.66 of 2009, to combine the functions of the GSD with additional responsibilities to regulate the country’s mining and mining related activities by the issue of licences. Until 2018, GSMB’s Board was headed by Thirteen Chairmen along with three Directors as Chief Technical Officers and six Director Generals as Chief Executive Officers.

Dr. Ananda Coomaraswamy

AKC aged 26 when appointed

Overview of GSMB
Broadly, its operations comprise, geological mapping, multi-technique integrated mineral exploration, regulation of mining activities by the issue of licences, titling of exploration and mining leases (mineral titling) and client responsive activities (mineral resource surveys, geophysical and drilling contracts), laboratory services and dissemination of geoscience information as well as access to published and unpublished reports, maps and other archives in its Library.
The Bureau with its wide-ranging demonstrated expertise acquired over twelve decades, functions as the primary source of fact- based information, and, is able to provide geoscientific advice and professional services on either voluntary or commissioned basis to the government, industry, academia and the general public.

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