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Seismic Data and Tsunami Alert Centre


Established soon after the Mega disaster of December 26, 2004, as ‘The National Seismic Data analysis and Tsunami Alert Center’ is now proposed to change its name as “Seismic Data Analysis Center (SDAC)” or “EARTH HAZARDS ALERT CENTER (EHAC)” to reflect its mandated role and functions. Although GSMB has been involved in earthquake monitoring since the year 2000, there was no compelling reason to establish an earthquake monitoring facility on a 24/7 basis until occurrence of the 2004 disaster. (Preferable to include an image of the seismograph of the 2004 event as recorded here.)

Global Network and the Pallekele Seismic Station

Having commenced with PALK seismic station (Fig. 1) and limited web based open monitoring facilities, two more stations, namely, MALK at Mahakandarawa in the north and HALK at Hakmana in the south (Figs. 3 and 4) have now been added.

The main function of SDAC/EHAC is to provide accurate and prompt seismic activity data for relevant authorities especially of impending tsunamigenic events and to be used later for research purposes.  After the 2004 tsunami disaster, the disaster management system in Sri Lanka was revised and the GSMB was mandated to perform functions related to earthquakes.  Although the Mines and Minerals Act No. 33 of 1992 did not provide any provisions for the GSMB to carry out disaster management activities, when the required legal empowerment was received from the Mines and Minerals (Amendment) Act, No. 66 of 2009, the SDAC/EHAC was ready to conduct systematic earthquake monitoring activities and deliver accurate information promptly.

Conducting research on Sri Lanka’s active faults and its diffuse boundary demarcating two major crystalline Complexes, suggestive of an extending mid Indian ocean platelet boundary is also another ongoing activity of the SDAC/EHAC.
The Seismic Data Analysis Centre/Earth Hazards Alert Center (EHAC) is not only involved in data acquiring and data processing, but also is responsible for providing accurate earthquake parameters to relevant institutions. While developing the capacity for data acquisition and data analyzing, the SDAC is in the process of increasing the number of other institutes, communities, media, etc. related to disaster management for exchanging related information.
Current Development Activities
The Center runs on a 24/7 basis. After normal office hours, it is staffed by two officers drawn from a pool of Geophysicists, Geologists and Senior Technical Officers that have been trained either locally or overseas. They are tasked to monitor any seismic that occur specially within Sri Lanka and Indian ocean region.

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