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Mineral Intelligence Unit (MIU)

This unit mainly functions as a provider of information on mineral resources for investors. The intelligence unit advises investors on how to systemize extraction, processing and the export of local industrial minerals such as vein quartz, graphite, mica, mineral sands and dimension stone. The activities of the Unit can be summarized as follows:

  • The prospective investors are advised on matters concerning mineral exploration, establishment of industries and mineral exports as value added products.
  • Investors are advised on the procedures to be followed during preparation of project proposals, evaluation of such proposals and procedures, formalities and limitations regarding exporting of minerals. The MIU may consider accepting to be commissioned to prepare Project proposals by a proponent.
  • Drafting mineral export agreements.
  • The unit evaluates the progress of ongoing projects through physical surveys, compare such data with the relevant project proposals and reports to relevant authorities of the line Ministry.
  • Obtains world market data of mineral commodities and based on such international market intelligence, computes maximum export price of mineral exports as value added products from Sri Lanka.
  • The MIU surveys and evaluates unpublished Technical Reports produced by the GSMB and its predecessors and decides on prices to be levied from parties requesting such information.
  • Study of global trends of future minerals demand, price fluctuations and industrial uses.
  • Encourage investors to export minerals as value added products.
  • Find processes and markets for mine tailings and low-grade minerals towards establishing new industries.

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