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Core Drilling

We are the pioneers in core drilling in Sri Lanka. The GSMB offers specialized services in drilling for mineral exploration, mining, engineering geological(Geotechnical related  works) work related to reservoirs, dams and tunnels, foundation testing etc. We assure collecting of soil and core samples with 90% recovery according to the ASTM and BS standards.

Drilling Type Aim Maximum drilling depth
Auguring Hand auguring Loose disturbed soil sampling for mineral surveys, foundation tests etc. 15m
Power auguring Disturbed soil sampling specially for mineral exploration in overburden 30m
Rotary core drilling in overburden SPT tests, Undisturbed sampling 50m
Diamond core drilling(Conventional, wireline, and top driven)


HQ,NQ,BQ sizes

Collecting very accurate drill core samples for mineral exploration
and for foundation investigations

The deepest core drill hole was into shale beds of Jurassic age at Andigama area in Puttalam district – about 450 m. Presently, we are capable to drill even deeper.

The following are some of the landmark events of our drilling history.

Mineral Exploration

  • Seruwila (Copper & Iron)
  • Panirendawa,Wilagedera(iron ore)
  • Aruwakkalu (Limestone)
  • Eppawala (Phosphate)
  • Andigama, Pallegama
  • Tabbowa ( shale)
  • Dutch Bay, Aruakkalu, (Limestone)
  • Cement raw material survey in Pooneryn, Mankulam and Murunkan.

Engineering geological investigations

  • Gin ganga –Nilwala ganga tunnel trace
  • North central diversion tunnel trace under Moragahakanda project
  • Moragahakanda dam
  • Kukule ganga
  • Samanala wewa
  • Upper Kotmale(dam spillway tunnel etc.)
  • Foundation investigations for numerous multi-story buildings wind power plants etc.


Hand and Power auguring at

  • Dediyawala, Meetiyagoda, Piliyandala, for ball clay and kaolin
  • Nattandiya and Madampe areas for silica sand


Power auguring
Geochemical survey(Badulla), sand surveys(Ambalantota)


· Hand and Power auguring at;

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